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Combating cancer heterogeneity

Cancer is a highly complex disease and it turned out over the past decades that it is difficult to develop efficient and sustainable therapies or even cure the disease. The difficulty in finding sustainable therapies or even a cure for cancer lies in the heterogeneity of cancer diseases: Tumors consist of different cell types, tumor cells are genetically variable and even the same cancer type differs from patient to patient. Therefore, key to combat this complex disease lies in finding optimal combinations of cancer drugs in test systems that best represent the complexity and heterogeneity of cancer.

PreComb's Solution: Next generation combinatorial drug discovery

Novel anti-cancer drug combinations are either developed directly by treating patients combining drugs which are already on the market or using ex vivo screening models. Screening models which are currently used do either not reflect the heterogeneity of native tumors or are not high throughput compatible. To overcome the limitations of traditional drug screening, PreComb has developed a unique drug screening technology that optimally represents the complexity of patient's disease in a format that allows for automated high-throughput testing of thousands of drug combinations. Using clinically relevant readouts, results from drug testing can be directly translated to therapeutic application in patients. This novel screening approach is capable of identifying drug combinations with additive or synergistic long-term therapeutic effects for the ultimate goal to improve the patients survival and quality of life.

Platform flexibility

With the highly standardized setup of the screening technology, PreComb is approaching all major drug modalities to be combined: small molecules, biologics and immune-modulatory agents.


Collaborative development

PreComb offers its unique discovery platform capabilities to partners seeking to make better use of their drugs by new combinations, to better exploit existing compound libraries or to find new drug combinations that have a sustainable therapeutic effect in a broader patient population. For further discussions on development collaborations, please contact

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