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PreComb Management

Jens M. Kelm
Jens M. Kelm, PhD
CEO & CTO, co-founder

Formerly, CSO and CTO at InSphero AG (co-founder) developing physiological 3D models, assays and screening concepts. Holds >50 publications and 9 Patents; Formerly member of the Board of InSphero, co-founder and steering committee member of the competence center for Tissue Engineering and Drug Development (TEDD). Jens
holds a PhD in Biology (Cell biology) from the ETH Zürich.

 Founders at a glance
- More than 20 years in biotech and pharma
- 3 biotech companies founded
- 15 years of expertise in 3D tissue models
- Delivered drugs for 4 successful clinical proof of concept trials
- >50 publications & 9 patents published

Peter Steiner
Peter Steiner, PhD
COO, co-founder

Formerly, Executive Director and Head of the Production & Processes department of ESBATech, a Novartis company. Responsible for technical development of ESBA1008 (
»Brolucizumab, Novartis Pipeline) and other drug candidates successfully tested in clinical POC trials. Co-founder and member of the board of Insilico Biotechnology AG. Peter holds a PhD in Biology (Biotechnology) from the ETH Zürich.

Strategic Advisors

Dominik Escher Dominik Escher, PhD

Dominik Escher is a co-founder and Executive Chairman of CDR-Life AG and a founding partner of Puros Bioventures. He is also president of the Swiss Biotech Association. Previously, he was a founder and CEO of ESBATech AG, which was acquired in 2009 by Alcon (Novartis) for USD 589 million. As a biotech entrepreneur, he raised USD 89 million for ESBATech to develop novel antibody fragments from discovery to maturity, delivering multiple clinically successful products (e.g.  Brolucizumab). Dominik obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Zurich and also holds a Masters Degree in Education with specialization in Management and Organization from the ETH of Zurich.

 Advisors at a glance
- Successful biotech exit for 589 mio USD
- More than 100 years in discovery, preclinical and clinical research
- >50 patents
- >150 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals
- Practical Pharma Industry experiences with Roche, Novartis, Schering, Alcon & GSK
- Creation of >80 jobs
Highly networked in capital markets, translational research, pharma and biotech industry

Tom Loeser Thomas Loeser

Thomas currently serves as the CFO of Origenis GmbH (Martinsried, Germany) and brings in 30 years of capital markets and sector expertise. He managed several German, Swiss (ex-CFO of ESBATech AG) and US biotech companies through rapid growth and difficult market cycles with a particular focus on US market entry strategies and transatlantic business models. Thomas graduated from Harvard Business School (AMP 166) and is an active member of the Harvard Alumni Association.

Dr. Andrew Thomas Andrew Thomas, PhD

Andrew Thomas is a managing partner of Helvetica Capital and a founder of the IPSO Group. Previously, he was a founding Executive Board member of the Swiss Industry Science Fund (SISF) and Global Head of Medicinal Chemistry at Roche where he was responsible for development of small molecule drugs in different therapeutic areas including oncology. Andrew holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of St. Andrews.

Zwierzina Prof. Heinz Zwierzina, MD

Heinz Zwierzina is Professor of Internal Medicine at the Innsbruck Medical University where he is heading the Early Clinical Trial Unit (ECTU) within the Department for Haematology and Oncology. He is spezialized in medical oncology, working on translational research on anti-cancer drugs, including biologics and immunotherapies. His translational research group is using primary patient cells to test new substances with antitumoral activity. Furthermore, he is a founder and chairman of the Cancer Drug Development Forum ( and an active committee member in many scientific research organizations including the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Cancer Research UK and the European School of Oncology (ESO).

Prof. Laura Suter-Dick, PhD

Laura Suter-Dick is Professor for Molecular Toxicology in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). She is a European Registered Toxicologist (ERT), holds a PhD in biology and acquired more than 15 years of research experience in Pharmaceutical Industry before moving to academia in 2012. During her career at industry, she specialized in mechanistic toxicology, with a strong focus on advanced in vitro systems, alternative to animal methods, and toxicogenomics. She is also actively involved in teaching and supervision of students. She is a board member and part of the scientific panel of ESTIV (European Society of in vitro Toxicology) and Swisstox, member of the national initiatives SCAHT and 3RCC, and president of biotechnet Switzerland.

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